The Romanian Textile Concept Cluster participates with the cluster’s collections in national and international trade fairs. We also enjoy good collaboration with the designer Andreea Tincu, who designed the “by Andreea Tincu” and “Marama” collections.

The target of these collections is to prove the creative and production capacities of the manufacturers members in the cluster. The collection’s items have been created in the Datsa Textil, Caremil, Katty Fashion, Glamour Fur and Ring Textile production factories, while the accessories are signed by Guban and Corvari’s, after the designer’s sketches. There have been used natural materials (wool, silk, leather), as well as synthetic fibres of top quality, including eco fur.

Marama – The designer Andreea Tincu has created a graphic collection, using the specific chromatic of the Romanian popular costume, dominated by black, white, red and vivid colour accents. Far from being an exact copy of this outfit, MARAMA is an absolutely contemporary project, where the line and the dot can create expressive graphic games. It is a wearable collection, for big series production, yet with a plus of creativity resulted from the original designs, the complex structures and the mixture of different materials used for a single item. The knitted structures are of Jacquard type and are used to create various types of products: capes, cloaks, oversized vests, overcoats, cloak dresses, fur sleeves and pockets jackets, pullovers with leather applications. The woven outfits are elegant, and their special refinement comes from the black-white contrast and the long silhouette.

We are looking forward to having even more collections together, as members of the cluster, and to attract new designers for the various projects we develop, including new manufacturers, to complete our concepts.