Implemented projects:

a) ENVICONTEH project – “Integrated systems of monitoring and controlling wastewater, the quality and security of textile products commercialized in Romania and Bulgaria”, developed in 2012-2013, had as partners: INCDTP, UCO Tesatura SRL, GIURGIU NORD Technological and Industrial Park SA, The Academy of Economic Studies and was financed within the Romania – Bulgaria Cross Border Cooperation Programme –

b) “National anthropometric standard for children” – developed in 2011 by INCDTP in collaboration with the members of the RTxC cluster

c) SESEC “Sustainable Energy Saving for the European Clothing Industry” project, initiated in 2013 by INCDTP – finalized with energetic audit reports for some of the members of the cluster (Dasta Textil, Tanex, BD International) and with the dissemination of the result during various events organised by the cluster –

d) OHSAS 18001 and SA 8000 certifications with financing from governmental funds: Datsa Textil, Madirom, Practic Prodcom, Conflux, etc., projects developed by the RTxC association for its members

e) Audit and certification for the Bronze label in “Cluster Management Excellence”, granted by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis in 2013

f) Participation as partner within the ClusterPoliSEE “Developing Smart Specialization Strategies for Cluster Improvement”, financed from the Transnational Cooperation Programme, with partners from all the SE Europe and which aims to define and develop regional cluster policies. –, Among the results of the project we mentions the learning platform, but also the “A META- NETWORK OF CLUSTERS IN THE FRAMEWORK OF CLUSTER POLISEE PROJECT” pilot project in which our cluster is included, too.

g) The SEE CLOUD “Clusters Orientation towards Up-to-date technologies and models for common Development” project, included in the SEE Transnational Cooperation Programme, initiated by the Executive Unit for Financing Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation (UEFISCDI) with the help of the RTxC Association and its members – The main objective of the project is stimulating the innovative potential of the SME-s from SE Europe by developing a transnational strategy and a set of operational tools that will help the clusters develop and become more efficient. Within this project various members of the cluster have been audited from the innovation potential point of view.

h) “The Romanian Textile Concept Cluster and the Noatex Pole of competitivenes” – paper written by the representatives of the RTxC Cluster and presented during the 2013 TEX- TEH VI THE FUTURE OF TEXTILES International Conference

i) The “social network analysis” project conducted in 2014 together with GEA Strategy & Consulting, which ended with a case study on the RTxC cluster. The result of this project have been used afterwards in revising the strategic directions of the cluster.

Projects under development

a) “New Paradigm of Processes and Market Services for Garments of Obese and Elderly People – GarmNet” Eureka project – initiated by Datsa and INCDTP in collaboration with other companies from Romania and the Textile research Institute from Poland –

b) “ESD Garments Knitted from Conductive Core Fibres – Garm ESD” –PNCDI 2 project– “Gh. Asachi” Technical University + INCDTP + TANEX + other partners –

c) “Multifunctional Textiles with Protective Role against Ticks – Tickotex” Eureka project – INCDTP + Conflux + other partners –

d) “The Development of the RTxC Cluster” project, financed from European funds Axis 1.3.3, project initiated by the Entity of Management of the Cluster (EMC) that has as purpose strengthening the cluster management:
- elaborating the Development Plan of the cluster,
- developing the Cluster strategy, annual strategy review,
- developing the marketing plan and the marketing strategy of the RTxC cluster,
- developing the Visual Identity Manual of the RTxC cluster,
- developing a market study on the North America and the Middle East,
- elaboration of a study of the domestic market,
- organising campaigns to promote the cluster – “Cluster Day”,
- organising workshops with the cluster members,
- participation of the cluster representatives in internal and external events,
- participation of the EMC personnel in various training sessions,
- participation of the cluster in trade fairs with a common stand,
- organising economic missions,
- hosted buyers services,
- improving the site of the cluster,
- on-line and off-line promotion.