“Women in Power” PRESS RELEASE

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First report published through the European ‘Women in Power’ Project

‘Women in Power’ is a European project involving seven organizations from four different countries, aimed at promoting professional leadership and empowerment of women through free online training available in several languages.

The project, co-financed through the Erasmus + programme, has achieved its first milestone by publishing its report on the executive management goal
achievement necessary for business women in traditional sectors (furniture, textile and footwear).

The published report provides a comprehensive analysis from two different perspectives. Firstly through the feedback received from the lens of women who have been working within their respective traditional industry for years and still aim at achieving executive and board positions.

Secondly the report also analyze responses from women who have managed to break the glass ceiling, who provided their insight on the skills and competences that have helped them move up the career ladder within their respective professions.

This final report provides conclusions on the identified skills, competences and critical knowledge by the two different women groups, which will now help determine the training path and modules to be formulated to achieve the objectives of the ‘Women in Power’ project.

Consequently, the outcome from this report will help identify the key training that women need to be empowered in furthering their career and to support them in achieving executive roles and managerial positions within the European economy.

The project outcomes (freely available in different languages) can be widely applicable and used well beyond the countries involved in the project, serving also as basis for further development and adaptation to various contexts, especially on how to address the needs arising from the demand for empowerment by women.

'Women in Power' wants to facilitate participation and access to education through a free online training available in several languages that will be specially designed to accommodate the training needs of a group of women who often have little preparation in secondary and/or tertiary education, but who have a deep knowledge about the industries in which they work.
To achieve this goal, the project's consortium, which is comprised by seven organization from Spain, Malta, Romania, Lithuania and United Kingdom, met in Bucharest (Romania) in late May to discuss the topics that will be addressed in the online training, which include gender issues, emotional intelligence, effective communication, motivation, career opportunities, leadership and branding, among others.

With the development of this project, the consortium’s aim is to raise awareness with policy makers, stakeholders and the general public about the issues of women and leadership in relevant industries, as well as increase the trainers' awareness of needs of women education towards professional empowerment with the ultimate goal of potential legislative solutions in Europe. For more information on the project and to access the report analysis please visit the following website: http://www.womeninpower.eu/