Women in Power Project

Women in Power Project
The project’s main goal is to foster the leadership and empowerment of European women working in traditional sectors through education, giving them the tools and skills to achieve executive management positions within the industry.

Goals to achieve:
• To develop new learning approaches and teaching strategies toward gender leadership education, defining a European learning pathway on leadership specifically developed for women working in the traditional sectors.
• To develop a training course for women to promote basic and transversal skills to achieve executive roles within their industries.
• To solve gender inequalities in the European society: the underrepresentation of women in boards and executive roles within the traditional sectors of the European economy, mainly the furniture, clothing and textile, shoe and leather industries.
• Through the abilities and competences developed by this project, women who are working on these traditional sectors, and who have a deep knowledge of their own industries, can enhance their skills and reach top executive roles, therefore promoting gender equality and the advancement of women in Europe.

AMUEBLA (Agrupación Empresarial Innovadora de Fabricantes de Muebles y Afines de la Región de Murcia) – Spain
CENFIM (Clúster del Mueble y Centro de Innovación en Hábitat) – Spain
JKC (Jaunimo Karjeros Centras) – Lithuania
WDM (Women Directors in Malta) – Malta
CAMPUS IBERUS (Campus de Excelencia Internacional del Valle del Ebro) – Spain

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‘Women in Power’ Project