Third Year Anniversary

On May 29, 2014, the Romanian Textile Concept cluster enjoyed celebrating its third year of activity. The event, organised with the support of our reliable partner, the Research – Development National Institute for Textile and Leather, had multiple purposes:

- Announcing the beginning of implementation of the „Development of the ROMANIAN TEXTILE CONCEPT (RTxC) Cluster” project ,financed by the „Increasing the Economic Competitiveness” Operational Sectorial Program; the announcement was delivered by Mrs. Sara Wechsler during the opening speech,

- Status analysis of the Romanian clusters and of the Romanian Textile Concept Cluster::

- Mrs. Mariana Voicu – MECMA representative – ‘Cluster – Key factor for economic competitiveness in developing Romania during the 2014 – 2020 period’

- Mrs. Ruxandra Stoica – CCIB representative – ‘Implication of CCIB in the development of business opportunities by Private Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (IMM)’

- Mr. Daniel Cosnita – President Clustero – ‘Importance of relations and collaborations inter-clusters’

- Mr. Marian Gabriel Hancean – ‘Analysis of social networks’ – Results for RTxC Cluster

- Mr. Dragos Pislaru – Gea Strategy & Consulting – ESCA Study – Results for RTxC Cluster

- Mr. Dragos Pislaru – Gea Strategy & Consulting – ‘Initiatives related to development of clusters in Romania – Competence centres managed by the industry’

- Presenting the opportunities and instruments for energy saving within the textile factories with the support from the ‘Sustainable Energy Saving for the European Clothing Industry (SESEC)’ project during the IEE program – developed by INCDTP:

- Mrs. Carmen Ghițuleasa – Director, INCDTP – ‘General presentation of measures regarding the increase of energetic efficiency’, the ‘Sustainable Energy Saving for the European Clothing Industry – SESEC’ project

- Mrs. Sabina Olaru – INCDTP – Presenting the instruments for energy saving elaborated within the SESEC project

- Presenting new financing programs for the 2014-2020 period:

- Mrs. Claudia Niculescu – INCDTP – Opportunities for companies financing during the 2014-2020 period

- Mrs. Ana Turcan – Steinbeis – Situation of the Danube Strategy and of the project submitted by the Romanian Textile Concept Cluster on this program.

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