Romanian Design Week, 2014

The Romanian Textile Concept Cluster organised on May 22, 2014, at the Palace of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the ‘INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY – INSTRUMENTS OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IN THE LIGHT INDUSTRY’ Conference, that took place during the second edition of the Romanian Design Week.

The Romanian Design Week distinguished itself right since the first edition as one of the most important events dedicated to Romanian design and to creative industries in Romania, the central exhibition joining this year over 150 designers and 350 works themed “Design in public space”, structured on 5 domains: architecture, graphics, fashion, lifestyle and object. Besides the central exhibition, there were other 50 collateral events targeted to trace the map of Romanian design.

During the ‘Innovation and Creativity – Instruments of Economic Development in Light Industry’ conference it was presented the importance of the Association and collaboration in the light industry and fashion domain, and the discussions targeted methods of increasing the competitiveness and innovation of textile products in Romania.
The speeches were delivered by Mrs. Sara Wechsler, President RTxC – Presenting the RTxC cluster and its role in the industry-designers relation, Mrs. Carmen Ghituleasa, Director, INCDTP – Presentation of the activity of innovation-research of the Institute and its role in the designers-innovation-research relation, and Mrs. Andreea Tincu, designer – Importance of a collaborating behaviour in developing the designers-industry relation.
The event ended with free discussions between organisers and participants, especially students at the National University of Art Bucharest, Mrs. Prof. Ioana Avram holding her teaching class as part of this manifestation.


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