MODEXPO Fair, 2014

During September 25-28, 2014, at Romexpo took place the Modexpo Fair, where the RTxC Cluster participated as a representative entity for a part of the apparel, knitwear, footwear and leather industries.

The RTxC stand also presented a unitary collection realised by the cluster members, under the guidance of designer Andreea Tincu.

There have also been organised other collateral activities, among which we mention those organised by our members, or where they participated:

- “From idea and concept to technological transfer in scientific research of textiles-leather goods” seminar held by INCDTP – on various themes of general interest, as well as about the textile clusters in Romania,

- “Design and demonstrations seminar” organised by INCDTP,

- Design Contest – organised by UNArte Bucharest,

- Fashion show – collection of the RTxC Cluster, also the Andreea Tincu and “Influence Mix” collections from INCDTP.

The activity has been realised within the „Development of the Romanian Textile Concept Cluster” project, financed through POS CCE axis 1.3.3.

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